Secure Email

Seamless Security on Top of Client’s Favourite Email Applications.


Maximise Native Email Communications

Confidently and seamlessly use regular emails to connect with your clients.

Keep persistent control of the most widely used business communication channel.


Compatible with all email clients such as Gmail, Apple mail, and Outlook.


Control where users can and cannot access secure content.

Persistent Control

Full control of who has the rights to access secure content any time.

Audit Trail & Analytics

Track files, user actions and analyse all information sent and received.

Emails need simple security.

As cyber risks constantly increase, so does the need for keeping clients’ information safe. Enhance the digital experience of the most widely used business communication channels. Keep sensitive data safe from cyber attacks or inadvertent disclosures while enhancing clients’ digital experience.
Reduces Risks



Confidently control

every email.

Seamlessly communicate with clients by sending emails directly to their preferred email inbox with invisible security – without any extra step required. Regularly and confidently send secure emails and attachments as only intended recipients will have access to them. Assuredly validate the origin of the client’s email and quickly detect potential threats or fraudulent activities.



Leverage existing technologies.

An invisible security layer that comes over existing email systems or infrastructures. Embedded within the email itself, the security is device and provider independent. Our solution is easy to deploy in diverse environments and lives behind the organizational firewall.



Secure all digital client interactions seamlessly. No password, no token.