APrivacy Bot™ on WhatsApp

Enable bot services over WhatsApp, the most popular consumer messaging app.

Service Customers using WhatsApp

Leverage WhatsApp to reach customers on their favourite channel and maximise their engagement.

Permanent Customer Service

Provide automated customer servicing over WhatsApp.

Bot & Human Combination

Allows bot services to seamlessly switch to human agent when required.


No integration through APIs is required.

Audit Trail & Analytics

Track files, user actions and analyse all information sent and received.

Engage customers on WhatsApp.

Clients want to communicate with their financial services providers using their favourite messaging apps. However, WhatsApp until now has been a challenge to leverage as it is a closed environment and doesn’t allow for integration. APrivacy solves this problem while meeting the T&Cs of WhatsApp. No additional app is required.



Maximise bot investment.

Expand and facilitate interactions by increasing customer’s touchpoints and multiply the investment of your current bot over this extra and convenient channel.



Learn more about your customers. 

APrivacy records all communication with the customer to allow for in-depth analytics. Promotes/Supports AI learning to further improve bot accuracy and service level.

Data Intel

AI learning

Service the customer on their favourite channel. Bot on WhatsApp with APrivacy.