Secure eDelivery

Seamless Digital Delivery of Customer Correspondence.


Deliver the Best Correspondence Experience

Provide the ultimate customer experience to achieve maximum digital adoption.

Significantly reduce costs while meeting all compliance requirements.


Compatible with all messaging, file sharing, and email applications.


Control where users can and cannot access secure content.

Persistent Control

Full control of who has the rights to access secure content any time.

Audit Trail & Analytics

Track files, user actions and analyse all information sent and received.

Meet security, compliance, and digital expectations.

Strict compliance regulations and inadequate security solution measures have led to costly and cumbersome paper-based communications (such as bank statements) and non-user-centric digital alternatives. Paper communications represent the old-way, are expensive and do not meet clients’ high digital expectations. APrivacy maximises digital adoption, removes customer frustration and initiates profitable opportunities with multi-channel and seamless digital correspondence.
Reduces Costs

Increases Revenue

Improves Experience

Seamless digital correspondence.

Sending secure and seamless e-correspondence directly to clients’ usual email inbox. No password or token required to access. Clients enjoy a native and digital correspondence experience leading to maximised digital adoption and new revenue potential while meeting compliance requirements.



Remove complex authentication.

APrivacy’s patented technology encrypts and secures the data itself, directly at the byte level. It minimises the threat of cyber risk or disclosure of sensitive information. Wherever the information travels, security follows it, and the security is invisible for the intended recipients.
Platform Agnostic


Easy integration

Secure all digital client interactions seamlessly. No password, no token.